Hello! My name is Stela, and I’m a long time fan of classic movie with a special interest in classic actresses. This blog is a result of months spent pouring over old newspapers and books.

if you want to talk about anything, or if you want to see a specific obscure actress on this blog, my all means drop me  a line at:



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  1. Hi Stella! I am the youngest daughter of Mildred Coles and am so surprised to find this. Actually one of my nieces found it. We are always dumbfounded that anyone would find our mom worth researching! 😊 we think she’s interesting, but she was our mom. Your research is so thorough! You pretty much nailed the facts. We have some fun insights into her career, and I can tell you that I’m so thankful that she gave up the career to stay home with us! Thanks for posting this! We have all of these photos (my brother-in-law loves to find things on EBay). You have chosen an interesting blog topic. Good luck!

    • Hi Sally! I am so glad you wrote to me! Your mom was an interesting woman, no doubt about it! If you have any information about Mildred to share with me and the readers, please send me an email and I’ll update the article. That would be great!!!! And thank you for all your kind compliments!

  2. Hello Stella. I have a handful of pin-up photos of Dorothy Darrell. She was mostly a chorus/showgirl and a few minor rolls. She had a short career, mostly because she married the great movie producer Joe Pasternak. The only information I have seen on her is by IMDb. Seems she lived happily ever after with Mr. Pasternak until his death in 1991. I believe she is still with us. Have you ever run across any further information of her? Just wondering if she was ever further involved in the movie industry. Thank you

  3. Hi, Stela. I just came across your fabulous blog and am enjoying browsing through all these little-known actresses. I have added you to my Links page at doctormacro.com. I hope that’s okay with you.

    I look forward to many hours of perusing your archives.


    Jerry Murbach

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