More Yank Girls – Part II

Lets keep on moving with the Yank Cover Girls…

Gloria Anderson


I have very little info about Gloria, sadly. I don’t even know if Gloria Anderson was her real name. Gloria was born, I assume, in the late 1910 or early 1920s, and lived in New York in the early 1940s. She worked first as a Powers Model, then as a chorus girl in the Broadway show, Stars and Garters. There she met dance director Georgie Hale, who was a Broadway staple in the 1920s, and worked in Hollywood occasionally. Georgie, a dancer by trade, was born in 1901, making him quite a bit older than Gloria.

They started dating in early 1943. Not long after, George went ot Hollywood to work as a dance director. They managed a long distance relationship for a few months, and then Gloria moved to the West coast and started her Hollywood career. She appeared mostly in musicals: Up in ArmsShow BusinessSwing Parade of 1946Night and Day (and pretty decent ones at that, although I can’t say I like those types of movies). She also appeared in three non musical movies: Life with Blondie, another of the Blondie comedies with Penny SingletonA Guy Could Change, a surprisingly decent romantic comedy, and Two Smart People, the best movie of the bunch, a Jules Dassin  half film noir half romantic comedy.

Gloria and Georgie briefly split in November 1944, just to get back again a few weeks later. They married during the Christmas season 1944. They stayed in Hollywood until mid 1946, when Goergie went back to Broadway and Gloria retired.

Their daughter Stephanie was born sometime after this (a date I believe could be correct is November 19, 1948). Georgie enjoyed major success as a producer, and their marriage was considered a very solid one. However, the couple split in mid 1955. Gloria moved out and took Stephanie with her. In 1956, Georgie was dating chorus girl Honny Gray and Gloria was in Miami, Florida for a divorce. Everything came to a halt when Georgie died unexpectedly on August 20, 1956.

Gloria was officially Georgie’s widow as they were not divorced when he died. I have no idea what happened to her afterwards – there were news that she was working as a fat check girl to make ends meet. IMDB claims she made movies in 2004, 2009 and 2016, but it remains to be seen if this really is our Gloria Anderson.

Frances Vorne


FrancesVorne1Frances’ past is shuddered in mystery. It was noted by the papers that she was of the Ukrainian extraction – this prompted me to connect Frances with the Vorne family, who immigrated from Russia (Ukraine was part of Russia back then) in the 1910s. The names were Jacob and Pearl (parents) and two younger brothers, Daniel and Martin, and a sister, Zelda. This is from the 1940 census – Frances perhaps did not live with them at that time. I assume she was born in about 1920, like most of the Yank cover girls. May 30, 1920, New York is a possible date/place. She was five feet six and a half inches tall and weighted 126 lbs, with an 36 inch bust.

FrancesVorne2Frances was a regular in the papers in about 1945, mostly due to publicity stunts. For instance, this news flash: Frances Vorne has a soldier friend who came home from overseas a few days ago with a present of the remnants of a German parachute. Frances, who likes to swim more than anything else, found that there was just enough cloth left to make a swimming suit. Frances wanted to be an actress, but she never made a movie (if IMDB is to be believed).

My own guess was that Frances was already married by 1945. She divorced her groom in 1946. She continued working as a model at least until 1949. She falls of the newspaper radar from then on.

Frances Vorne (possibly) died on August 8, 1990, in New York.

Betty Anne Cregan


While you can find at least tidbits of information about every other cover girl, Betty is completely shuddered in mystery. There is literary nothing on her. Such a shame, for her cover is a great one. I assumed that her full name was Elizabeth Anne Cregan, or even Elizabeth Anne Creegan. There is a Betty Anne Creegan born in 1928 (who died in 2012), but that’s all I could find. It could be our Betty, as she girl on the cover looks about 18, 19 years old. Otherwise, no luck so far. If anybody knows anything, please help!

Virginia Kavanaugh


Little info here I’m afraid. She didn’t make any movies so no go as far as IMDB is concerned. She was born Virginia Kavanaugh on August 15, 1927, in New York City, to Thomas A. Kavanaugh and his wife, Frances Hopkins. She had one brother, William T. Kavanaugh, born in 1932. Her father was a secretary for a football team.

In March 1945, Virginia was chosen, by her modeling agency, Walter Thornton Agency, as the prettiest Irish American model, and posed with a shamrock on her head for St. Patrick’s day. She then falls of the radar until 1952, when she’s in a Glamour column. We learn that she is married to John T. Landry, a advertising executive (Mad men, anyone?), and that they are parents of an adorable baby daughter Sharon (born on March 27, 1950). She was a skating champion in 1944, but switched to ice skating upon her marriage to accommodate her husband. They were both outdoorsy people who enjoyed long distance walking.
Now, something about her husband (from his obit from the New York Times):

Mr. Landry spent most of his career at the Philip Morris Companies, which he joined in the mid-1950’s. He retired in 1984 as senior vice president and director of marketing and as a member of the board, to which he was elected in 1972.

He reached the top of his profession in 1963, when he oversaw development of the ”Marlboro Country” advertising campaigns, in which the Marlboro Man rode to fame around the world. He also played key roles in the development and marketing of several other Philip Morris brands, including Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges and Marlboro Lights cigarettes.

They had three more children: daughter Jennifer (born on September 16, 1952) and sons Jack Jr. (born on November 23, 1956) and Thomas (born on October 9, 1958).
Her husband was a passionate thoroughbred bred horses (I assume she took part in it too). Another quote:

Mr. Landry was also an owner and breeder of thoroughbred race horses. His passion for the sport of kings prompted him to found the Marlboro Cup horse race, the richest thoroughbred event at the time. It was an invitational race sponsored by Philip Morris and was run each fall from 1973 through 1987.

Her husband died in 1997. Virginia was still alive in 2007. I hope she has had a happy life.


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