Eileen McClory


The fresh faced beauty was just one of many who tried to make a Hollywood career and failed.


Eileen June McClory was born on June 1, 1923, in Hartford, Connecticut, to Mr. and Mrs. William McClory. Her older brother was William McClory Jr.

Eileen’s father was a man who, with just 8 grades of elementary school, built his own business from the ground up and employed several people. Her brother grew up to become a professional machinist.

Eileen grew up in Hartford, finished high school there, and moved to Manhattan to become a model in the early 1940s. She was signed by the Conover agency and was soon a sough after model. In 1943, she was summoned to Hollywood to appear in the movie Cover Girl, and opted to stay for the Tinsel Town ride.


Like most girls who came to Hollywood for Cover girl, her career proved to be very thin, but still better than some!

EileenMcClory5Her first credit is Cover Girl, a now classic Rita Hayworth/Gene Kelly Technicolor musical. While today remembered primarily a springboard for the two stars (Gene Kelly, loaned out from MGM; finally got the treatment he deserved at his home studio after this movie, and Rita crawled out of the B movies and supporting role sin A movies and got her due with Gilda and other great movies), it’s a fun, sweet movie nonetheless. Rita is simply enchanting, and Gene, while his character is  somewhat of a jerk, redeems himself with his superb, athletic dancing. A great and breezy way to pass an hour and a half!

Eileen was one of 14 cover girls who appeared in it. The others were Betty Jane Hess, Ceceilia Meagher, Dusty Anderson, Jinx Falkenburg, Helen Mueller, Anita Colby, Francine Counihan and so on.

EileenmcClory3Eileen went on to appear in two more movies, proff that at least she tried to make a career out of it. Her second was movie was They Live in Fear, a WW2 propaganda movie about a German intellectual who escape Nazi Germany after seeing his professor being killer in Dachau concentration camp. His life in America is soon threatened a careless mistake of a colleague. Like many of the propaganda movies, it’s zero art and all “giving a message” movie, but that’s what is to be expect of it. Plus, it gives Otto Kureger, a superb actor, a chance to play the lead (he was mostly a support in A class movies). The movie is little seen today and can be tagged as sadly mediocre.

Her third movie did not fare any better. Carolina Blues, while definitely better known than They Live in Fear, is still a weak movie with Kay Kysler as the lead. Make no mistake, while a very fine musician, Kysler was no actor and it shows, especially when he has to carry a movie. It gets even worse when you notices there is an absurd plot and supporting cast is sorely underused. Georgia Carroll, Eileen’s fellow model who ultimately married Kysler, is a visual delight at least, and who can resist the perpetually enchanting Ann Miller with her all too brief tapping sequence? A below average musical, to sum it up, completely forgettable.

Eileen gave up her career for family after this.


Eileen was not the stunning, classical ladylike beauty, but rather a vivacious, cute girl next door and was quite successful in her niche. Unlike many of her fellow models and actresses, she had a sedate private life and never made any negative headlines.

EileenMcClory4Her love life was never mentioned in the papers before her first and only marriage. In December 1945, just after his discharge from the Navy, Eileen married Walter Crawford Adams Jr.

Walter, born to Dr. Walter Adams and his wife Emma Pool, on September 16, 1919 in San Joaquin, California, was the oldest of three children. He was enrolled into college in Berkeley, California before going to fight into WW2. He served for 25 months with the UN Naval Air Force in the Pacific. The wedding was held at the St. Angeles church in the Pacific Grove, headed by reverend Father Kerf. They honeymooned in the East Coast for a few days.

EileenMcClory6Eileen gave up her acting career to raise a large family: she and Walter had five children, in proper order: William McClory Adams (named after both her father and her brother), born on October 25, 1951, then James Grant Adams, born on February 20, 1953, Steven Robert Adams, born on April 3, 1954, then Thomas Pool Adams, born on July 25, 1955 and finally a baby girl, Carol A. Adams, born on November 30, 1959.

The family first lived in Alameda and then moved to Merced, California, and then went back to Alameda. The Adams’ had a solid, happy marriage that lasted until Walter’s death on June 28, 1981. Eileen did not remarry.

Eileen June Adams died on February 23, 1984, in Alameda, California.


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