Nancy Worth


A missed opportunity put Nancy Worth, a real stunner, into the “obscure actresses no one has ever heard of” category.


Nancy Lee Worth was born on August 15, 1920, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was Leah M. Worth. Her older sister, born in 1919, was named Dorothy Worth.

She grew up in Milwaukee and attended Wauwatosa High school, and later Riverside High School where she graduated in 1938. During her Riverside years, she was active in the drama department, and in 1939 played Shakespearean roles in Milwaukee’s Mid Summer Festival. Desiring an acting career for herself, she packed her bags and along with her mother and sister moved to Los Angeles. Luck served her well, and she was signed as an extra just days after landing in California.


Nancy’s career lasted from 1941 to 1943, and she made only 5 movies, most in uncredited roles. Obviously, this is not a model filmography for any actress. Signed by Columbia, Nancy’s first movie was a lurid, dark and over-dramatic teen flick, Under Age, featuring Nan Grey.

Her second was an equally uninspired drama The Man Who Returned to Life , with a plot that is beyond-belief for most people.

Luckily, Nancy moved to more happy-go-lucky fields with Here We Go Again , a lightweight but funny Fibber McGee comedy. She then appeared in Thank Your Lucky Stars, a war effort movie with a large assemble cast. Her last feature was the contemporary western Raiders of Sunset Pass. She was even billed in this one, but the Z class flick did no service to anyone involved.

With no sun in sight, Nancy gave up her career.


In 1940, Nancy lived with her mother and sister in Afton Palce, Los Angeles. Her occupation was listed as a model, her mother was a secretary and her sister a nurse.

She was renown in Hollywood for her flawless complexion, and was offered to appear in The Moon and the Sixpence because of it, but at the last moment she was struck with measles and had to forgo the converted role. Her career could have been different if it belted out…

Nancy was very active during the war. She was a part of the 10 Lucky Stars that got their contact options extended, and traveled around the US in a a caravan to sell war bonds. They donated their stocking to the war relief and so on. She spoke to the papers how she is used to scarcity and shuns luxury to be able to help the GI-s fighting in Europe and the Pacific. In 944, along with felow starlets Margot Guilford, Dorothy Fay, Jane Flynn, Eloise Hardt and Martha Shaw, she appeared in army shows in Hawaii.

Not much is known about her love life. She dated Milton Golden, a well known lawyer, in 1943. Nancy married Warren D. Brownwood on January 5, 1973. They divorced in June 1976. Brownwood died in 1984.

There is no death report for Nancy, and she could be alive today, at age 94. Best wishes to her if she is.


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